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Luanne Jamieson: My Blood Pressure Journey

Meet Luanne Jamieson, author of bloodpressuretreatmentblog.com, successfully managing her blood pressure for years.Have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure or hypertension?

Or worse yet, have you had some symptoms that scared the bajeebies out of you?

That's what happened to me back in 2009 that hurdled my life into a life of finding ways to hopefully cure my high blood pressure.

Life Before High Blood Pressure

You see, all my life, I did all I could to avoid taking medicine. While pregnant with my 6 kids, I counted protein grams and made sure to take any extra vitamins that would help assure healthy babies.

I even had three of my kids at home naturally….one time actually sleeping through the labor except for actual contractions. 

The Rude Awakening

But everything went haywire on October 2, 2009, after opening an unexpected bill from my deceased parents' convalescent home. They had died in April 2007 and February 2008, and silly me thought everything had been taken care of long ago! 


How could this be that after all this time, there could be yet another bill?!

To calm down, I did the unthinkable….and ate comfort food….with lots of sodium. But at that point, that wasn't something I ever thought about! 

That food was delicious! Wouldn't a bowl of good old tomato soup filled with crumbled Ritz crackers and melting chunks of cheese make you feel good when you are stressed?

It was so comforting that I had another bowl of it! Uh oh!

Never before had I ever had a problem with high blood pressure...doctors always told me that it was actually a little low.

But that night, my body DEFINITELY, with no questions about it….let me know that "Hey! Something's wrong, and you'd better take care of it….NOW!"

I "enjoyed" an overnight stay in a brand new emergency room that actually had no other patients, and got lots of attention! How often does that happen!

Battle Plan Begins

After taking just one Lisinopril, the pain in every muscle and part of my body was so intense that I knew without a doubt that there was no way I was going to continue that medicine. 

I called the doctor and had my prescription changed, but when I saw the instructions state that once started, the medicine could not be stopped...I didn't even take one pill.. I don't even remember the name of that medicine.

That was the trigger point that led me to spend days, nights, and weeks researching what caused high blood pressure, and what a  normal person could do to lower that blood pressure without having to succumb to the side effects of the medicine.

I had lots of questions and found lots of answers, but they were not all together. Every time I found an answer to a question, I thought of another question about that answer! I thought it would make it so much easier to have everything in one place, so I took lots and lots of notes.

Fortunately, the research worked, and I was so relieved to see my blood pressure on the road to normal within days!

But what that research also did was call my attention to how many people have high blood pressure that don't even realize it!

That night, right before I went to the emergency room was one of the scariest times of my life. I was thinking of all the things I hadn't gotten done yet and thought for sure something bad was going to happen...like a stroke or death.

I thought if there was a way to help people be aware of their blood pressure BEFORE they have an issue, maybe writing about what I've learned could possibly help someone not have to go through that awful experience.

Maybe you know you have high blood pressure but are just looking for alternatives to the medicine. 

If you are one of the ones that know you have it, you may be scared.

Do you know what happens when you're scared?

Your blood pressure goes up.

Vicious cycle, huh?

That's why I took all my notes and put them into her ebook "Lower Blood Pressure Fast"….so hopefully you or someone you know can find the info you need all in one place.

Hopefully, it's BEFORE you have a blood pressure issue, but you can also use the info after you are diagnosed as well, whether you are taking medicine or not.


Please bear in mind that Luanne is NOT a doctor, and this is NOT medicinal advice. This is information from reliable sources…yes, but if your doctor says you need something else such as medicine, please listen to your doctor and/or get a second opinion if there is time.

Do not delay if you are in an emergency situation though!