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8 Steps to Take to Focus & Achieve Your Goals

Are you really willing to buckle down and get serious to accomplish those goals of yours?

You might say that it depends on what the goals are, right?

If you receive a diagnosis that you have cancer, there's a pretty good chance that you probably are going to get pretty serious about finding a direction to take that will keep you alive.

There could be choices to be made about HOW you're going to do that…you could go the route that a lot of people go and get chemo, or you could look for a reliable doctor that specializes in natural "cures."

Whichever way you go, you probably will be willing to be uncomfortable with what you have to do…either by getting sick with the chemo and possibly dealing with losing your hair or taking heat from well-meaning friends when you DON'T go the usual route.

8 Steps to Focus & Achieve Your Goals

A Message From the Universe

I woke up this morning with two HUGE thoughts going thru my head…

The first thought was the original title of this blog post…Get Serious!

That phrase kept going thru my head for like 30 minutes before I sat down to write about it!

You see, yesterday I actually took the day off from my usual schedule of trying to wade through all the things that needed to be done.

One of the things on my list almost every day is to listen to training, but sometimes that doesn't get done probably because I don't actually SEE physical results from it.

But since I got "lazy" yesterday, I ended up indulging myself by listening to hours of training from successful home business owners.

One of the main themes was to be consistent, and to focus on one thing until you know it well…and IMPLEMENT!

Apparently, it all stewed in my head while I slept, because all I could think about when I woke up was GET SERIOUS!

I walked around my home realizing with just about ANYTHING that ANYONE has success in, that person HAS to get serious about it first.

Don't have money and want to have somewhere to live & food to eat? You get serious about finding work.

Don't have the skills for a good job? Get the skills.

Sick of riding the bus?

You get serious about how to get yourself a car. Not only do you have to find what you like, but you have to make sure your credit is good, and know how to deal with car salesmen…or learn the new Carvana way of buying cars.

8 Steps to Focus & Achieve a Goal

Focus on Your Behavior to Achieve Your Goal

In each of those scenarios, when you want something serious enough you become driven to get it done.

You not only become focused, but you change at least one behavior that you had not been doing previously.

For instance, if you want to lose weight…you find out the best way to do it. Sometimes you're successful, but other times you lose your drive... your determination... that got you started in the first place.

Then if you become driven again, you change your behavior back to the behavior that brought you success!

Want to lower your blood pressure…you have to make the decision whether to just take your medicine or find other natural ways to lower your blood pressure. 

How badly do you want see your blood pressure come down?

Enough to change a behavior or two?

That's one of those instances where it would be easy to "forget" to stay serious because your body doesn't always remind you, unlike when you see fat hanging on your body or your clothes are too tight.

But when you've been privy to having your body throw you a warning…

Such as when I lay down one night over 13 years ago and saw stars when I closed my eyes…and it was NOT a dreamy kind of stars…

Then when I was sitting at my desk looking on the computer to learn what could POSSIBLY be going on….I got dizzy and then nauseous…

I got scared…really, really scared...

And felt like I might die that night…

I got really driven and found out what behaviors I needed to change in order to not have that horrible fear of a stroke or heart attack! 

Yes, you may ALWAYS have that possible fear in the back of your mind...

And yes…you might have days where you get lazy…like I did yesterday…

I confess…not only did I not do things on my list yesterday, but I ate a second helping of leftovers, AND had apple pie!

Even after having a piece the day before! HORRORS! But...I knew what to do to fix it.

You STAY serious enough to where you pretty much are vigilant about knowing what you need to do to not have that nightmare happen again!

The night I saw stars, I was told at the hospital to change my lifestyle or I would have a stroke within a year.

Well, as I update this blog today, it has been 13 years and 8 months later and having normal blood pressure…

It was accomplished by getting serious about learning what behaviors were needed to get my blood pressure numbers normal and how to KEEP them normal.

8 Steps to Take to Focus & Achieve Your Goals

  • Decide on what your goal is
  • Find your "why"... and make your why an emotional why…if you don't reach your goal, what is the worst thing that could happen vs how great it will be when it is accomplished.
  • Write your goal down 
  • Set the deadline for when it needs to be completed
  • Plan what behaviors you need to do daily to achieve your goal
  • Schedule time each and every day to work on your goal distraction-free
  • Hold yourself accountable…either make a chart checking off each day, or have an accountability person who checks up on you
  • Celebrate after you reach your goal!

What is it that you need to get serious about?

Do you need to make changes for your health, or maybe for your career?

Or something else…maybe some training to up-level your career or home business?

Or even a new hairstyle just to make yourself feel better?

Whatever it is…

Get serious about it...and DO it!

You'll feel better for doing so…especially when you see results!

P.S. I mentioned having two HUGE thoughts when I woke up this morning. In case you're wondering what the second one was, it was a song by Celine Dion running through my head..I Love You. Now if you listen to it, you can have it invading your brain for a while! You're welcome! : )

P.P.S. If you are overweight, one way to help your quest to lower your blood pressure and be healthier is to lose some of the excess weight… especially if you have the more dangerous visceral fat, which wraps around your organs.

Personally,  I got excited because I've actually seen fat around my stomach start to disappear & my pants got looser.

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