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Quick Tips to Manage High Blood Pressure from Holiday Stress

How to Manage High Blood Pressure from Holiday Stress or Over-Indulging

Christmas and Hanukkah are finally here….hope you’re having stress-free holidays with friends and family! : )
I know that sometimes, tho, getting everything just the way you want it is really stressful.

Just remember to take time to actually enjoy the holidays. Everything doesn't have to be perfect. It's about the time spent with loved ones that create the magical memories.

But, if you are bound and determined to have everything perfect, just remember that with stress comes that little annoying thing called higher blood pressure.

2 Quick Tips for Countering High Blood Pressure

If that happens, remember there are things you can do to counter attack! 

1.  Watch that sodium, and if you've over-indulged, eat some foods with potassium. I've seen great results with oatmeal, celery, and raisins to name a few. 

My personal favorite has a mixture of lots of goodies: oatmeal (not the packaged kind, but still only takes 2 minutes in the microwave) with raisins, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper to activate the turmeric, & brown sugar. I've seen my blood pressure go down just 30 minutes to an hour after eating this.

2.  If stressed, take a pause. Then take 4 long, slow deep breaths in and out. You should feel the stress ebb a bit.

You can find more tips to lower your blood pressure quickly here and here.

Pay special attention to the section on "foods that pack an especially good punch" in the ebook, "Lower Blood Pressure Fast! Control the Silent Killer with Natural Blood Pressure Remedies."
 If too much sodium is the culprit for higher blood pressure, you may get some relief by trying some of those foods, or trying some of the stress relievers.

That’s all! Relax & enjoy your holidays!

P.S.   All that being said if you have any inkling that you might need to go to the hospital, do so. 
The information in this blog is by no means medicinal, and you should take no chances on your health if there is any possibility of you being in an emergency or life-threatening situation.

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