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A Soy Sauce Alternative for Soy Sauce Lovers with High Blood Pressure

Do you like to make Chinese food or use the flavor of soy sauce in some recipes? I used to make sweet and sour pork for my family almost every week because I figured it was filling, delicious & nutritious with all the carrots, onions, green peppers & pineapples I put in it.

I haven’t made it much for a couple years now because of all the sodium in the soy sauce. I used to use at least twice the amount the recipe called for. 

Even the “less sodium” type of soy sauce has 575 mg per tablespoon! Not exactly friendly towards lowering blood pressure!

Coconut Aminos as a healthy soy sauce substituteRecently tho, I became aware of a product that can be used as a replacement for soy sauce and is actually better for you nutritionally!

What is it?
It comes from the coconut (yet another healthy coconut use!) and is called Coconut Aminos from Coconut Secret. Right now, I don’t think it’s in regular grocery stores, but it is available by clicking here.
I actually just got off the phone with someone at the company, and she was saying that Coconut Aminos has 65% less sodium than soy sauce.

Between having less sodium and lots of amino acids that the soy sauce doesn’t have, you can probably feel a lot safer that your blood pressure won’t spike when you use this instead.

It doesn’t taste exactly like soy sauce, but the taste is very similar.

Nowadays, we’re hearing about how coconut water and coconut milk is so good for you, so I guess it’s not really surprising to find other uses from the coconut.

Randy & Leslie, the makers of the Coconut Amino discovered all the uses of the coconut while creating products with their parents in mind, who are diabetic.
After discovering that the agave they were about to use was watered down with corn syrup, they were looking for alternatives. 
Coconut tree's coconuts- sap used as coconut crystals and coconut vinegar

That's when they discovered the use of coconuts and how even the sugars had 17 amino acids, vitamin C, B vitamins and a nearly neutral pH.

They were amazed at how the coconut sap can be used as sugar (coconut crystals) and coconut vinegar)similar to apple cider vinegar, but with more nutrients) when they were trying to make a product for diabetics that was low glycemic & gluten-free.

While doing updates, I discovered that for some reason both the coconut crystals and coconut vinegar aren't currently available to purchase. When I first wrote this article, both were available on Amazon as well as other grocery stores including Whole Foods, Kroger, Safeway, etc. 

If you are interested in checking them out, you might try checking with your local grocery stores. That is a disappointment!

However, the Coconut Secrets Amino products are still available on Amazon.

I recently discovered that Coconut Secrets have the coconut amino products in a variety of flavors: the original flavor, teriyaki and garlic sauce! Very tempting! 

Personally, I’m just happy to find something to replace soy sauce!