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Good Health...What Are You Willing to Do to Keep It?

Believe it or not, blood pressure can be a funny, quirky thing!

A while back, I was taking my blood pressure just to see how it was doing.

I always take it about 3 times each time just for kicks.

Anyway, I had already taken it the first time, when I had the thought that I'd like to prank my son.

He and his wife come over every other Sunday for dinner, and the next Sunday was the in-laws' turn to have "custody" as I jokingly put it.

So I thought I'd text him and ask him what time they wanted to have for dinner on Sunday...

I'm starting to laugh at the thought, but also trying to contain my laughter until done taking my blood pressure!

And my blood pressure went UP while trying not to laugh!😁

I texted, then just TOTALLY let that laughter out!

Then I checked my BP again, and it went down 15 points!

THAT'S how much your blood pressure can be affected…even for the "good" stuff in your life!

Numbers and Motivations

Did you know there are similarities between the CoronaVirus and high blood pressure?

Especially at first, you might have had a fear of what was going to happen to you…

You didn't know what to expect…

The daily numbers scared you into following the rules…for good reason!

Those three statements could apply to either CoronaVirus or high blood pressure…

Don't you agree?

As time goes on in both cases, the fear wears off a bit, altho you're still aware of it.

There's one more fear that a lot of people have that I'll talk about at the end.

Good Health...What Are You Willing to Do to Keep It?

The Health Numbers that Are Out There, But Not Talked About as Much

Not to scare you or anything, but back in 2017, there were some pretty scary numbers coming out of the CDC.

I'm sure those numbers have only grown since then.

According to the CDC, in 2017 this condition had a primary cause in HALF A MILLION  deaths.

An update by the CDC to that number... "In 2020, more than 670,000 deaths in the United States had hypertension as a primary or contributing cause."

My guess is that most people have at least heard about this issue, but many may not even realize they have it.


Because similar to the coronavirus, you may not have symptoms until suddenly it thrusts those symptoms on you!

What is this condition?

If you haven't guessed yet, it's high blood pressure, aka hypertension.

According to the American Heart Association, between 2005 and 2015, deaths from high blood pressure increased 11% in that 10-year span.

That's pretty impressive! Although not in a good way!

Preventing CoronaVirus ...

Let's look at it this way…

You may be scared about the coronavirus… and sometimes even mad because of some of the rules that have been implemented "for our protection."

At first, it was easy to go along with those rules because of the thought of catching this virus.

Good Health...What Are You Willing to Do to Keep It?

Seeing images and stories of others getting the virus was enough for you to want to stay home. (By the way, I'm sincerely hoping that you or your loved ones didn't have to deal with the disease.)

But then…

Although you may have been quarantined, life may have gone on as usual.

Meaning you got into a comfort zone at home or working from home, with the exception of all those essential workers that we relied on so heavily!

... Vs preventing or treating high blood pressure.

You may not know you have high blood pressure…which is kind of similar to people not knowing, yet having coronavirus antibodies without the symptoms.

Life is going along as normal…possibly with your blood pressure rising in your veins and arteries without any symptoms.


If you do know you have it, it's not calling attention to you…yet.

Until that day or night when it does…

And BOY …that wakeup call can REALLY SCARE YOU!

Or even KILL YOU!

What will your thoughts be then?

Or how sad will your family and/or friends be when you have a stroke and possibly die?

Your Reality

With both the CoronaVirus and the High Blood Pressure scenarios, whether the numbers were changed or not, it's easy to get scared about what can happen to you.

The scenario playing out in front of us all with CoronaVirus was scary enough to have us abiding by the quarantine, for the most part anyway.

The numbers of illnesses and deaths are beside the point…you didn't want to catch this nasty bug!

With high blood pressure, the scenario isn't as obvious because the media is not putting it out there every day in our faces!

The reality, though, is that it sure looks like the blood pressure numbers are higher.

With CoronaVirus, we don't want the government totally taking over our lives.

We say we should be able to take care of ourselves.

But in the case of high blood pressure, do you?

It is NOT hard to keep track of your blood pressure numbers.

There is a little machine that you can very easily and painlessly track what your numbers are doing.

And you should…

home blood pressure monitoring

Because as I showed in the beginning story, while sometimes a slight rise in blood pressure happens, when you are aware of what your numbers are doing you can take action steps to control it better.

If you don't know what your blood pressure is doing…well, you are just in the dark & your numbers could be going up without you feeling it or knowing.

Why take the risk, when it is just SO EASY

All throughout this blog, there are different steps you can take when you see a need for lower bp numbers.

Some people say they don't like to take their blood pressure because it goes up when they take it and scares them.

My answer to that…how scared are you going to be when you're feeling dizzy and nauseous, & seeing stars in your head when you close your eyes?

Believe me…been there, done that! And it's not fun.

There are lots of ways to lower blood pressure naturally…or if you or your doctor find that you need to…there are medicines.

Take care of yourself…and your family by being aware.

Hey…sorry if I came down kind of hard on you.  You know, sometimes things just need to be put out there!

P.S. There are certain things you might want to look for in a blood pressure monitor. The first is to make sure the cuff is the right size, otherwise, the measurement can be thrown off.

The brand and model I recommend has a cuff that fits arms 9 to 17 inches in circumference and records 120 blood pressure readings each for two people. 

If the blood pressure monitor is just for one person, this Omron should work well for you. Another difference is it stores 60 readings for one person instead of 100 - 120 readings for two people, but 60 readings will still give you and your doctor the information you need.

Of course, there are more expensive models as well, such as the Platinum model that can even include things like sleep monitoring, monitoring and tracking your progress of physical fitness goals, and an AC adapter to use when you prefer not to use batteries and has a 6-year warranty.

Having recordings of your blood pressure readings is important if you want to take the monitor to the doctor's office to possibly compare your number measurements against theirs to confirm accuracy, or just to look back at your own blood pressure history!