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Does Vinegar Lower Blood Pressure

If you're trying to lower your blood pressure, it might be worth it for you to try using vinegar as a tool to see those blood pressure numbers heading down where you want them.

You know that thought in your head that tells you, "ugh! Drinking vinegar with water?! No way!"

Well, that was me!

Experimenting with Vinegar for Lowering Blood Pressure

Image: Vinegar & Blood Pressure - Our 8 oz remedy: 2 tsp vinegar in water. Discover its potential benefits

When I first heard about using vinegar, I had experimented with so many other options in the name of discovering what works to lower blood pressure.

One thing I hadn't tried yet was vinegar.

Then one day, I must have had extra stress or eaten a little bit too much of something I shouldn't have because my blood pressure definitely went a little too high for comfort.

I thought, "Well, now's the time!"

Vinegar Health Drink Recipe

I put 2 teaspoons of that lovely Heinz vinegar into a full 8-ounce cup of water.

Side note: I always go for the Heinz brand because my elementary school class went on a field trip every year to the Heinz plant in Pittsburgh. They have such yummy treats to give out to visitors!

Many give recommendations to use organic vinegar with the mother still in it. Apple cider vinegar with the mother still in it has not been filtered, and therefore still has some strands of protein and other enzymes... which may add additional health benefits that the filtered vinegar may not have.

Anyway... Back to the story

After gathering the courage for downing the vinegar concoction, I held my breath and started gulping the water.

It really wasn't that bad! There was a slight vinegary taste, but drinking it was very doable.

It was kind of like too much vinegar in a salad dressing.

The pay-off came about an hour later when I checked my blood pressure and it had come down 10 points!

So I told my son about it, and a few days later he decided to try it.

His result?

His blood pressure also came down.

Using Vinegar for Other Health Issues?

There are other health issues that vinegar could possibly help, with a few backed by scientific research. 

  • Lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, therefore improving heart health
  • Managing blood sugar levels/diabetes
  • May help weight loss
  • Cancer - per cell and mouse studies, not confirmed in humans yet. See link below for more information
  • Gut Health - may help GERD if it is caused by not enough acid, my improve digestion - See References below for more information

Caution Warning Re: Vinegar Use 

There is a caution that goes along with trying vinegar for health benefits. The warning is that having too much vinegar could cause potassium loss, so check with your doctor about using vinegar... especially if you are on blood pressure medication.


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