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Time for a Nap!

Join the crowd! It turns out that your kids aren’t the only ones that could use a nap!
Ronald Reagan took naps. So did President Kennedy, LBJ, and George H.W. Bush, to name just a few.
Nowadays with our busy schedules from early morning till late night, not only are we sometimes short on the hours of sleep, but also on the quality of sleep. Being constantly on the go can make us toss & turn when we finally hit the sack.

Your Body Has a Built-In Sleep Tracker

Did you know that your body keeps track of how much sleep you haven’t had?
Your body basically has a defense mechanism that grabs a little sleep here and a little sleep there in an attempt to get caught up, and sometimes the smallest of unplanned catnaps can creep up on you at a very inopportune time!

Your Body Has a Built-In Sleep Tracker Whether You Like It or Not!
Remember that time at the red light when you discover your eyes had been closed for just that few seconds? 
When you don’t get enough sleep, your body MAKES you get it, one way or the other!
Personally,  I get ticked off at myself for falling asleep watching a show on my DVR, rewinding it to catch up on what I missed, then doing the same thing again.

The other day I did it 4 times on the same show!

Study Shows Lowered Risk of Dying from Heart Disease

In February 2007, a study at the Harvard School of Public Health that kept track of napping habits of 23,000 people was published in the “Archives of Internal Medicine.”

Naps help lower the chance of dying from heart diseaseThe results showed that taking a regular nap lowered the chance of dying from heart disease by 37%, while an occasional nap helped, but by 12%.

How Long Should You Sleep?

Taking time for even a 5 minute snooze helps, but catching shuteye for 20 minutes is even better for increasing alertness & motor performance (typing, etc.)
Napping for 30 to 60 minutes helps with your memory and decision-making.
And up to 90 minutes helps you to be more creative.
The best time for a nap is early afternoon unless you get up late in the morning. If that’s the case, aim for no later than around 4.

Can You Even Imagine Your Boss Saying, “Go Take a Nap!”

Some companies are noticing that when employees take advantage of nap time, these same employees are more productive. 

Google & Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream are two companies that provide nap rooms, and the list is growing.

A 25-year study at the University of Haifa in Israel resulted in nappers doing better than non-nappers at remembering skills they had just mastered.

Do You Feel Stressed, Tired & Run Down?

NASA even studied pilots in 1995 while flying across the Pacific Ocean. One group was allowed to take a 25-minute nap, and the other not. 
The group that didn’t sleep nodded off up to 5 times during the flight, even during the landing approach. Isn’t that encouraging!
If your boss isn’t with it yet about the naps, in an effort to grab a few winks try putting on an eye mask & just kicking back for a few minutes in a comfy chair.

Grab a Quickie Snooze at a Spa

You've got great options if you work in Atlanta or New York City! There are actually places you can go to take a nap for a small fee.  Check out:
·        Rejuvenate Spas in downtown Atlanta
·        Yelo Spa in Manhattan,NY
 Both are popular with busy people who just need to recharge during the day.
If you're lucky enough to work at home, now you don’t have to feel bad if someone catches you all bundled up for a nap all toasty under a warm blanket.