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Your Game-Changing Strategy for Lowering Your Blood Pressure

How to control your blood pressure almost effortlessly
Lowering your blood pressure is just like everything else where you want to have success.  At first, you have to figure out what to do. Then you have to do it.
Sometimes it can feel hard to keep doing what you've been told because you may not see results right away. Then you wonder if you're doing the right thing, or is it really worth all the hassle?
 It's a whole lot easier when you finally see the results, isn't it?! Because once you see them, you sure don't want those hard-won results to vanish!

What Do Successful People Have in Common?

Have you ever noticed how people who have succeeded don't have to seem to work at what they're doing? They know what works for them, and they do it. It has become routine.
Any new job that you start or any new business venture has a learning curve. You have to keep at it, or it goes south.

Well, the same thing applies to natural blood pressure remedies. You learn all you can about it, figure out the routine that's going to bring you success, and stick with it being consistent no matter what.
What It Takes to Control Your Blood Pressure Almost Effortlessly
Even my son's fish has routines! My son has a fish tank on top of his dresser next to his bed.  His fish named Pinball even has a routine.
When Pinball sees my son get into bed at night, he goes behind the plant in the aquarium and acts like he's backing into a parking space. 

He goes on a 90-degree angle out from the plant in the aquarium. Then he backs in. He's in bed for the night. It's really kind of funny to watch! When I see it, I add the beeping sounds a truck makes when it's backing up!
Last weekend when my son broke his routine and stayed up till about 2, Pinball was freaking out! The other fish were pretty much doing the same! They were out of their consistent routine.
Your body is the same way! It likes the consistency of you taking care of it!

Be Consistent with Your Plan Just Like You Are When Taking Any Medicine

Believe it or not, it's the same thing with your hypertension!
So what is it that you need to do to succeed at getting those blood pressure numbers down?
Basically, it's a strategy consisting of four things:
    The Key to Lowering Blood Pressure: A Game-Changing Strategy
  • A goal
  • A plan
  • Massive action
  • Consistency with those actions

So you already have your goal: to lower that high blood pressure of yours.
Or, you could love someone with high blood pressure and you want them around for a while longer, preferably without having had a heart attack or stroke!
Be consistent with your plan of action on getting those blood pressure numbers lowered.
Even if you are taking prescription medication be consistent with even one of the strategies to lower blood pressure naturally. 
You might eventually hear your doctor say you need less of them.
Wouldn't you LOVE to hear that! 
And as always, tell your doctor what you're doing.
Whether or not you are on medicine, you need to make a plan and work it.

Your Plan for Success

There are multiple causes of high blood pressure. You may have addressed one or two, but you could be missing the one thing that determines whether you succeed or not. So look at what else could be giving you that stress. (hint…one could be the word that you just read!)
Your plan should include finding the foods that you like that work towards lowering your blood pressure. If you don't know what they are, some of them are on other pages in this blog; there's also a huge list in my ebook

If you'd like to see some info about fast food nutrition and sodium content in some of their food, check this out.
Once you know what your food choices are that you are going to have on hand,  plan on what time you will eat them each and every day. For example, when I first started out on my blood pressure adventure, I had raisins every night before bed.

Plan Ahead So You Don't Have to Recover Later

Even now, BEFORE I go to a movie & have some popcorn (horrors!) I eat 2-3 stalks of celery that I have in my fridge already cut up. Don't do the popcorn thing until you are definitely under control tho.
The Key to Lowering Blood Pressure: A Game-Changing StrategyWhen you are in the routine of having the food at a certain time, even if you don't remember until later that day, you can still include it later that day. The routine keeps you on track.
There are so many things that cause high blood pressure that you might have to play around a bit till you hit the nail on the head. It could be several things. Learn about all the other things that can affect blood pressure and change a habit here and there.
Don't change everything at once or you'll probably not keep it up. Get into the routine for each new habit before moving to another habit.
They say you don't break bad habits. You replace a bad habit with another behavior.

Would You Rather Have Adventures with Your High Blood Pressure or Be Comfortable in a Routine

In other words, which would you rather have: stories to tell about your time at the hospital (if you make it out, that is), or a safe routine where you can go on about your daily life?

The important thing is that you figure out exactly what you are going to do, and DO IT! Then keep doing those actions day after day.
Does that get monotonous? Not really.
When you get into a routine of doing what you need to do, it gets comfortable. 
When you get OUT of that routine is when issues start arising.
And those issues can be downright scary! So get comfortable in taking control of your blood pressure.
Get comfortable with knowing you're doing what is best for your health.
Take control. Make a plan. Take that action and instill a routine of doing it every day without fail.
Then get comfortable with your blood pressure numbers being in the healthy range again, or at least heading that way. 

That's when it will feel like your game-changing plan to lower your blood pressure is working.

And what a beautiful feeling that is!