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The Rest of Your Life

How do you feel when you think about the rest of your life?

Do you feel ready to take it on? 

Or are you afraid it's going to be like today…

Who knows how long you're going to live!

That just sounds soooo pessimistic, doesn't it?  But it's true! 

I have to admit…not to get political or anything, but yesterday I had a few moments where if things go a certain way, I hoped I wouldn't be around to see it get worse…what with the coronavirus & the violence these days!

Does it ever get to you, too?

But when it gets right down to it…

When something happens & you suddenly feel something go wrong with your body…

It is downright scary!

Been there…done that...and not looking forward to doing it again!

You know…the high blood pressure thing! My story is on the about page of my blog, if you're curious.

And when push comes to shove, most people really, really don't want their lives to end…

Or to not have their best life…right?

So What Are You To Do?

If you haven't done so already, it's time to take stock of your situation.

Do you have control of your blood pressure and cholesterol or at least working on it?

What can you do to improve…not only bp & cholesterol, but aches & pains you can work to get rid of?

Surprises Happen 

My blood pressure showed up out of the blue! 

Always had normal to low blood pressure…but it seems that once you have high blood pressure, you've got to watch it from there on. 

I am nosy…I admit it…

When I found out about my blood pressure issue, I researched, googled, listened to doctors…you name it!

And took action on what I learned!

And I succeeded in lowering my blood pressure….

Most of the time it was really darn close to where I wanted it to be.

But you know…it could've been a bit better.

Experts All Agree on This

Maybe exercise would bring the bp down a bit more.

And I thought to myself…you know…I hate my clothes because it's just no fun shopping for "fat" clothes!

I used to feel so much better when I was working at the airport running to catch the planes & clean them…

Had to be right there when the plane came in & had three whole minutes to clean it before more passengers embarked!

Side note: That's actually how I broke my nose on the 4th of July one year when the 757 actually came in early and I had to RUN to get there…

Only problem was there was an escalator…I had my hands in both pockets pulling out my supplies…and

I went face first into the escalator! Got some time off for that one, I tell ya!

Anyway….With the constant running and walking, I actually got to a clothes size where I "had" to shop in the junior section. 

Can you guess…I wasn't too sad about that! A smaller size than when I was in high school!

Nope...this is not me...not that in shape yet!

So There Was My Answer!

So that was what I needed to do…exercise!

I started running on the canal…for a while, I even had posts up on Facebook…talking to the ducks while out of breath…quite fun actually!

Weight came off…muscle came on…then coronavirus hit…and soon after, so did the Arizona heat!

You know…the lows have been in the 90's…not to mention the highs!

I like sweating, but not THAT much! 

Do You Like Special Diets?

I'm not one to succumb to a diet regiment…just eating healthy made sense to me…with the occasional popcorn night with soda, etc.

How about you?

Then one day, a mentor of mine started mentioning how much weight she was losing…and with just walking & while also eating healthy.

And it was so very obvious! Especially in her face.

She said she was taking a supplement, so I decided to try it, even tho I've never taken weight loss supplements before…

If It Had This One Side-Effect…No Way Would I Take It!

Weight loss supplements always scared me!

I remember being in a health food store looking for weight loss supplement  a looong time ago, and right on the label it said one of the side effects could be DEATH!

Uhhhh…no thanks!

Are You Ready forThe Rest of Your Life
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Targeting Visceral Fat

One of the good things this supplement does is that it works with your blood chemistry in a good way.

There are three types of fat, but visceral fat is the most dangerous because it can wrap around your organs, and also makes you more susceptible to diabetes, heart disease, stroke and possibly dementia.

So this supplement my friend recommends targets the worst of the fats...the visceral fat!

So yea…I tried my friend's supplement…and I noticed within a few days something really cool….

There was less fat on the sides of my abdomen! I could FEEL my stomach getting smaller! And my face was starting to look thinner!

I could hardly believe it…and I wasn't feeling all jittery.

Sure! I was eating healthy, but I didn't have to starve myself or deprive myself of goodies every once in a while! 

And the weight started coming off even more.

So yea…sometimes you just have to listen to your friend…

I know…weight loss isn't the end all, be all that is going to make you feel better…

But it's a start!

And maybe when you do that, it won't be tooo long before you look at the rest of your life and actually look forward to it!

P.S. You may or may not be interested in a little help from the supplement I love...if not...that's awesome! If you are interested...you can have a trial for just $29 here.