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How to Use the Power of Consistency to Lower Your Blood Pressure

In your efforts to lower or to keep your blood pressure low, how consistent have you been? Heaven knows I’m not trying to put you down if you’re having a hard time with it! I just want you to think about it, and to ask yourself what your goals are.

What Are Your Blood Pressure Goals?

Where do you want to be in 5 years? Do you still want to be taking medicine, or would you actually prefer to move over to keeping your blood pressure under control using your own power of control.
Personally, that’s what I like about having learned how to deal with knowing that my blood pressure could go higher.

I know what to do if I feel there’s a problem: I check my blood pressure immediately, think back on what could have affected it, and then fix it. It’s usually down within hours because I’ve taken the steps of learning what can help.

But one thing I have noticed is that so many people today rely solely on medicine. There are a lot of people in high blood pressure groups that ask questions about side effects of various medicines.

While I understand that the medicines usually do a good job, the side effects scare me, and seem to scare others as well. If you are on medicine, why not take a couple baby steps towards being able to lower the amount of medicine you take - with your doc telling you to do so! There's no time like the present to start.

My one wish with this blog is to let you know how many opportunities there are on a day to day basis to lower your blood pressure with a few changes made on a consistent basis.

Consistency Breeds Success

The key word here is consistent. If you watch your diet just every few days, or exercise once a week, that’s just not going to cut it as a lifestyle change. You may be able to fool your mind, but that won’t fool your body! : )

Even making one change every couple of weeks and doing it on a daily basis  could give you results. It makes it easier to form those habits that will get you into better health. Of course, check with your doctor to get his ok, and never stop medication without his consent.

Just take one day at a time and focus on the new habit you’re forming, and you will achieve that consistency that brings fabulous, exciting results!

As the seasons change from winter to spring, now is the perfect time to take up walking. It’s one of those things that is highly recommended to help your heart out, AND you usually do it on a daily basis at no cost right around your home!

Here’s a quick video to get you motivated.

P.S.  One of the BEST foods for controlling high blood pressure is BEETS. You may or may not like beets tho, and they sure can be a pain to fix, right? I’ve found the easiest way to eat beets is this way. 

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