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My son and I tested this out....it worked for us!

You probably have some apple cider vinegar in your cupboard, right? I did too, and actually had read in my research for my e-book, "How to Lower Blood Pressure Fast! Control the "Silent Killer" with Natural High Blood Pressure Remedies" that among the many things it is good for is to lower blood pressure.

But you know that thing in your head that tells you, "Ugh! Vinegar with water? No way!" Well, that was me. I had gotten past just about everything else in the name of having lower blood pressure, but hadn't really tried this.

Then one day I must have had extra stress or ate too much of something I shouldn't have and my blood pressure went up a bit. I thought, "Well, now's the time!"

I put 2 tsp of that lovely Heinz vinegar (I love Heinz because I grew up in Pittsburgh and every year my elementary school class went to the Heinz plant, toured & got samples) into a full 8 oz of water. I held my breath and started gulping.

Ok, so there was a vinegary taste, but you know it wasn't bad! It was kind of like a little too much vinegar in salad dressing.

The payoff -- about an hour later I checked my blood pressure, and it had come down 10 points.

So, I told my son about it, and he decided to try it a few days later. He had the same result. His blood pressure came down.

Webmd.com says that vinegar is could possibly be good for lowering blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. But there is a caution there that says large amounts of vinegar could cause potassium loss, so be in touch with your doctor. The recommended amount was 2 tsp in 8 ounces of water.